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Graphic Design for Print

Business Card Design

An essential part of your marketing repertoire. When handing these out to prospective clients - Don’t have bland, boring business cards. Have eye-catching ones!

Letterhead and Compliment Slip Design

Writing letters to customers and sending invoices? - Reinforce you brand identity with highly professional stationery. The more your customers see your brand, the more likely they are to remember you.

Poster, Postcard and Flyer Design

The most traditional of the advertising mediums. There really is nothing nicer than a well designed print campaign. It is often tempting for businesses to try and cut costs by producing their own publicity (are you guilty of using Microsoft Word for your promotional material? If yes, I’m not mad at you, I’m just disappointed...) but this nearly always results in cheap and amaturish results which always hurt more than they will help.

Leaflet and Brochure Design

When customers want more detailed information, leaflets and brochures are an ideal way to provide this. The are also an excellent way of distributing information about your business as they can be handed out to the public, posted through letter boxes and even left in appropriate places for potential customers to find them. Use them however you like, just make sure they look the bees knees!

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